Yoga Ayurveda Retreat to Kerala, India

Yoga Ayurveda Wellness Retreat to in its land of origin

To register for the Yoga Retreat

To register for the Yoga retreat please send an email with your postal address which you would like to add to the invoice.

Please write the name and date of the Yoga Retreat also write which room type you would like to choose.

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Yoga Ayurveda Retreat to Kerala, India

Yoga Ayurveda Wellness retreat to its own land

To register for the Yoga Retreat

To register for the Yoga retreat please send an email with your postal address which you would like to add to the invoice.

Please write the name and date of the Yoga Retreat also write which room type you would like to choose.

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Yoga & Meditation

Culture & traditions

Beach and Sun

Enjoy at great price

Experience a True Inner Journey!

Would you like to experience a true inner journey with deepening Yoga practice and Ayurvedic treatments while also enjoying the worldly pleasures of beautiful South India? This trip will give the best of both worlds! We will stay at beautiful Ayurvedic resorts for total relaxation, experience true Yoga Ashram life while traveling with local guides to enjoy the tropical climate, visiting beaches, experiancing an ancient culture. Come and join us for this truly special trip to fascinating India… Who leads? Rajesh is a yoga teacher  who has lived in Linköping for the past 10 years.  He will be leading the group to where he was born and raised and where he studied Yoga & Ayurveda for many years.

About the Retreat

This 15 day Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Kerala from 3rd February to 16th February 2024 (check in will be on Saturday 3rd February and check out will be on Saturday 17th February). We will be staying at a beach resort, Yoga Ashram and practice Yoga and Ayurvedic wellness treatments.

During the stay in Yoga Ashram and Varakala we will also take a tour of the village, visit old temples and traditional markets.

Optional: This is more of a ‘vacation retreat’ which means the schedules are not mandatory to follow but during the Yoga Ashram stay it is mandatory to follow their daily schedule.

Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included during the first 11 nights of your stay. Only breakfast is included during the last 3 nights at the beach resorts giving you an opportunity to explore a variety of places to enjoy lunch and dinner.

Accommodation: We will be staying at four different places including Yoga Ashram.

The last three nights we will be staying at a beach resort at Varkala which is very popular beach in Kerala where you can go shopping, and visit traditional Indian restaurents.

”The Gods Own Country”


The literary meaning of Kerala is “the land of coconuts”. “Kera” in Malayalam (the language of Kerala) means coconut. As Kerala is abundant with coconut plants, it naturally got the name Kerala.

Kerala is situated in the extreme Southwest peninsula  of India. This place lies between the Western Ghats on the east and Arabian Sea on the west. The varied demography, different traditions and culture have made it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India.

Kerala is the first 100% literate state in India. Kerala tops among Indian states in human development, mass literacy, economic parity, women empowerment, harmony between religions, progressive and liberal mindset of people, least in corruption, etc. which makes it literally  ‘Gods Own Country’.


Wellness Treatment

The resort is next to the lake and the beach. You can enjoy daily yoga classes and Ayurvedic treatments in beautiful natural surroundings here. During this stay, we offer a four-hour Ayurveda wellness package with a variety of Ayurveda treatments (Ayurvedic oil massages, Sirodhara, Njavara kizhi, Head Massage, and herbal steam bath)


Yoga Ashram

We will be staying five nights at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram which is one of the most famous yoga ashrams in South India. It is surrounded by beautiful forest and just next to a big lake in Neyyar Dam wildlife sanctuary. We will follow the daily ashram schedule waking up early morning with guided meditation, chanting and prayers. Each day there are two long yoga classes, a philosophy lecture, karma yoga service and the day ends with meditation and chanting.

What We do in the retreat

Morning silence

We start the day with silence until the end of the morning’s meditation to observe nature and feel the prana from the sunrise.


Morning meditation, mantra chanting and reading yoga philosphy books.

Hatha yoga class

Traditional hatha yoga class 90 minutes with paranayama, surya namaskar, yoga asana. The class will finish with deep relaxation.

Staying at Yoga Ashram

Staying at the Sivananda yoga ashram which is very popular yoga ashram in South India and we follow their schedule to experiance ashram life. 

Talks on yoga philosophy

Four paths of yoga, veda and upanishad, three gunas, three body’s and five sheaths and meditation coaching classes.


Visiting old temples and traditional markets.


Our last 3 days are spent close to the beach practicing yoga and meditation in the morning.  Afternoons are free for you to explore the local area or perhaps you may just wish to relax.

More info about the trip

Please read more about the retreat, price. what we do  evevryday and etc.

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Prices and services:

The retreat costs 18500 Sek/1850 Euro for a twin share room for a private room 22500 Sek/ 2250 Euro and includes: 

What is included in the trip:

All transportation in India: Air-conditioned vehicles between locations. We will pick you up from Cochin Airport on 3rd February and if you are flying back on 17th February we will drop you at the airport.

Ayurvedic wellness treatments package: 4.5 hours of Ayurvedic wellness treatments (Ayurvedic massages/ Shirodhara/ Njavara kizhi/ Head massage and steam bath)

Accommodation in twin share room at clean and nice places in the mid-price range. or private room.

Meals are included except when staying at the beach in Varkala where you get a chance to taste from different Indian restaurants. Food included in the package are at Ayurvedic resort breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at the Yoga Ashram vegetarian brunch and dinner, and at the House Boat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee/tea.  During traveling, we will stop for coffee/tea and snacks which are also included. 

The rate for children 5 to 12 years is 9000 kr including all meals and activities. Note that the child gets an extra bed in your room but there is no Ayurvedic treatment included for children in this package. 

Schedule:  3rd February and 4th February (two nights) staying at a resort with 60 or 90 minutes of Ayurvedic treatments.

5th February Houseboat stay at Alleppey, We take ride to Alleppey which is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala and we will stay on the houseboat on the 5th (day and night stay)

On the 6th  staying in “Kuttanad” is the village the region has the lowest altitude in India, and is one of the few places in the world where farming is carried around 1.2 to 3.0 meters (4 to 10 ft) below sea level. Kuttanadu is historically important in the ancient history of South India and is the major rice producer in the state. 

From the 7th to the 11th (five nights) will be staying at Sivananda Yoga Ashram and following the daily ashram schedule with meditation, yoga, yogic food, yoga philosophy, etc. Here we offer three hours of Ayurvedic treatments(Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara) and it is included in the retreat price.

 13th till 16th morning (three nights) staying in Varkala beach with Sun and fun.

Our final evening on Saturday the 16th we shall gather together for a farewell dinner. 

On the 16th we will take a short train trip to near the airport and stay one night a hotel near the airport.

Saturday 17th February 11 am Check out 

The price does not include the following:

Flight ticket to and from Cochin, Kerala, India.
By request, we can arrange a special Ayurveda consultation with the Ashram Ayurvedic Doctor named Dr. Vishnu. Dr.Vishnu is a dear friend of Rajesh and the resident Doctor at Ashram and conducts many Ayurvedic wellness courses and programs for people from all around the world. A consultation can determine your Prakruthi (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and lifestyle management according to Ayurveda. Cost 300 Sek/ 30 US dollars for 30 minutes consultation.

Any extra local traveling by taxi or rickshaw. But we are happy to arrange local transportation for you to markets or buy local mobile sim card etc. 

Tips for local staff and drivers. Tips are not mandatory but very appreciated.

Flights & costs: Airlines Qatar and Emirates Airways have the shortest travel time to Cochin/Kochi, it takes about 12 hours and costs from 8000 Sek

we have still some space left for the trip and if you are interested please contact us. Please do not book any flight tickets until your space is confirmed.

For any inquiries please email info@yogashastra.org   

Holistic Approach

Our retreats offer more than just physical practice – we also have meditation classes, workshops on nutrition and philosophy, and other activities designed to help you achieve a holistic balance between mind, body and spirit.


Bali Retreat

Yoga Retreat Kerala

Bali Yoga retreat

Yoga Ashram

Holistic Approach

Our retreats offer more than just physical practice – we also have meditation classes, workshops on nutrition and philosophy, and other activities designed to help you achieve a holistic balance between mind, body, and spirit.


Bali Retreat

Yoga Retreat Kerala

Bali Yoga retreat

Yoga Ashram


A glide in a “Kettuvallam” (Houseboat) through the enchanting backwaters of Alappuzha is sure to steal your heart. Palm fringed narrow canals winding through the large paddy fields and with ducks, tiny birds while the everyday life of the local people is going on right in front of your eyes.

We will enjoy the beautiful Backwaters both day and night while living on a Houseboat!

Who is leading the trip

Rajesh Dayakar

Rajesh is the leading yoga teacher in this retreat. He is a classic hatha yoga teacher who lives in Sweden and teaches yoga classes in Linköping and other cities. He was born and raised in Kerala, South India the land of Yoga and Ayurveda. He was working as a yoga teacher in Bali some years ago and has also been a guest teacher at other Bali yoga retreats. In this retreat, Rajesh is teaching yoga classes, meditation, yoga talks and will assist you in exploring Kerala where he was born and raised. To read more about Rajesh please see the About us page.



Rajesh from YogaShastra was one of the main teachers in the Sivananda yoga teacher training I took 5 years ago. Sharing his deep and wide knowledge of yoga, philosophy, traditions and history was both an enjoyable and very important part of the course.

In October 2022 Rajesh organized a yoga retreat to Bali. His knowledge of the island made the trip a wonderful adventure on many levels: apart from the immersion into yoga: asanas, meditation, yoga philosophy, and kirtan/satsang, we also learned about Balinese and hindu traditions, were invited to a traditional balinese home, participated in a festival/parade, visited temples, waterfalls, fully enjoyed the capital of spirituality: Ubud, stayed in gorgeous cottages on a beautiful beach, explored the islands, went snorkelling, learned about farming rice, coffee and tea, enjoyed many exotic foods and made new friends. A perfect holiday I would love to repeat.


Att åka på yoga och ayurveda resa med Rajesh till Kerala är en helt fantastisk möjlighet i att få fördjupa sin yoga

(oavsett liten eller stor erfarenhet) och samtidigt få ta del av allt som Kerala erbjuder på ett väldigt personligt och nära sätt.  Programmet är förutom daglig yoga fyllt med upplevelser av väldigt olika miljöer, allt från landsbygd och stad till ashramliv och avkoppling på stranden. Trots rikt programinnehåll känns det avkopplande och lugnt.

Vi åkte två vuxna och ett barn på 11 år och blev imponerade av hur välarrangerad resan var utifrån både logistik och innehåll och samtidigt med flexibilitet för önskningar. Vi kan verkligen rekommendera andra att göra denna resa och att våga ta med sig barn, för de blir väldigt fint omhändertagna.

Maria Rosenqvist



Rajesh är uppväxt i Kerala och han är en fantastisk guide som det är en stor förmån att få lära känna. Resan överträffar allt man kan önska, underbar natur, fantastiska möten med människor, kultur och sinnesro i ett underbart hörn av världen långt från alla standardiserade charterresor. Min bästa resa!🙏

Ewa Sjögren

Retreat Price

The price includes 14 nights’ stay, all yoga classes, philosophy classes, meditation and satsang. Transportation to and from airport and in between resorts.  The last three days breakfast only at the beach resort.

Price for per person (twin share bed room) and Private room means one person in one room.

18500 SEK/1850 Euro for Twin share room. 

22500SEK/ 2250 Euro for Private room .  



All 14 nights’ Accommodation in single or twin share room


All yoga classes, meditation, yoga philosophy talk and satsang.


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the first 11 nights’ stay


Breakfast is only included for the last 3 nights’ stay at the beach resort.


Transportation to and from airport and between resorts.



Flight tickets and visa. (India has an on arrival visa for 30 days and it applied for EU)


Transportation for extra activities such as visiting temples, shopping, etc.


Lunch and dinner for the last 3 nights’ stay at the beach resort at Varkala (here you get a chance to get variety of Indian delicious food also the place is well-known for international restaurants


India has an on arrival visa which is for 30 days stay and is applicable for many of the EU countries.


There are many flight companies flying to Kerala from Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo. The ticket will cost from 8000 Sek .

Weather in Kerala

During January and February the weather is about 28 to 30 degree Celsius.

Kerala Rice Field

Kuttanad Agriculture System is unique, as it is the only system in India that favours rice cultivation below sea level in the land created by draining delta swamps in brackish waters.

Sri Padmanabha Temple

The 8th century Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is one of the 108 temples in India dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, is the world’s richest temple and it is shrouded in mystery too.

Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is one of the most popular South Indianbreakfast tasty dishes served in restaurants and homes. Dosa is a crepe made usingfermented rice and lentil batter. Masala dosa is one that is crisp, aromatic, flavourful and has a potato masala or spiced seasoned potatoes stuffed in it.

To register or more questions please email us

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